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Our passion is to create the perfect cup of coffee. The perfect cup distills the true essence of artisanship, since it requires a complete harmony between the skills of the grower, the roaster and the barista. Our challenge is to source the best beans, adjust our grind, tampering, temperature, pressure and timing of our shot to bring out the hidden characters of the beans and to combine this with perfectly integrated steamed milk. This creative process is what we love to use for the enjoyment of our community of customers.

This is the essence of artisanship, and the results show in the flavors and the way these touch the drinker’s palate and the finished product plays across the mouth. Flavors that are at the same time familiar and comforting yet also exciting and sensual. This is coffee at a higher level.

This same philosophy extends to our food and other items that we create, as well as to the wine that we select to be enjoyed with our food.

Being serious ‘foodies’ means that for us it is fun to know where our ingredients come from and to use these ingredients in a way that is consistent with the long heritage of hand crafted food – uncomplicated, yet seductively complex in its simplicity. Unadulterated and pure. Instinctively comforting. Scrambled eggs that are rich and smooth using free range eggs; Ratatouille that is made vibrant and luscious by a simple secret ingredient that has no purpose than bring out the natural flavors of the main team. These are just a couple of examples. We constantly strive to improve and be the best that we can be. We don’t deliver anything that we would not enjoy eating or drinking ourselves. 

Simplicity, generosity, integrity and trust are our guiding principles.

And we are driven to drag anyone who is willing along on a shared journey of discovery. To share a passion for coffee that respects it heritage, honest food and great wine. To develop and be the center of a community that enjoys discovering the simple joy of sharing the coffee, food and wine experience. We want to educate those around so that they can enjoy these simple pleasures.

To us, this is all about a shared experience while striving for excellence.